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Information for International Students

Learn To Fly San Diego operates under Part 61 of the FAA code of federal regulations. We are not a 141 school nor are we approved by SEVIS to issue immigration documents. If you need immigration documents you will need to attend a 141 school that is also approved by SEVIS.

We can only train international pilotss who are already in the USA with a valid visa or Green Card and only after receiving TSA approval for Private Pilot training, Instrument Rating training, or Multi-Engine flight training.


If you already have the FAA Private and Instrument, TSA approval is not required for the Commercial single engine training (but you must already have the FAA Private and Instrument). TSA approval is required for the Commercial Multi-Engine training.


For all flight training, you must be in the USA on a valid visa (for which we can not provide any assistance).


TSA approval is not required for Instructor (CFI) training. However, to work in the USA as a CFI you must have a valid work visa (for which we can not provide any assistance).


Our chief instructor is registered with the TSA as a provider for the training of international students.

If you are legally in the USA with a valid unexpired passport & visa that allows for flight training, we can assist you.


The TSA charges a non-refundable $130 fee for their application process.

Register and then begin an application and select:


Provider: Christopher Sluka (* Do NOT select Learn To Fly San Diego)


Training Request Course ID: Initial Private (or Instrument or Multi Engine)


Training Request Aircraft Type: C172 and PA28 (or PA34 for Multi-Engine)


Training Request Category: 3


Estimated Training Request Date: One year (the maximum allowed)

After you have completed and submitted the application you will need to wait for further instructions. If everything is in order and your documents have been accepted, you will be given instructions to submit your fingerprints. Christopher Sluka will not be able to assist you with this process. Just follow the instructions from the TSA regarding fingerprints. After your fingerprints have been received both you and Christopher Sluka will receive an approval email from the TSA that flight instruction can begin. Only then can you schedule a flight lesson with an instructor via Christopher's email. At that lesson, the instructor will need to make a copy of your original passport, visa (or Green Card), and take a photo of you in front of our office logo (for the TSA). And then the instructor will also be able to give you access to our online scheduling system where you will be able to schedule your subsequent flight lessons at your convenience and as often as you like.

Visitors to the USA who already have a Pilot Certificate can rent aircraft for time-building as part of an enrolled course, but only with an instructor. We also do flight reviews, and currency. Be advised we are a flight training operation and not an aircraft rental business. 


We are not a Part 141 School that participates in the SEVIS program. We strongly suggest you contact the US Embassy or consulate in your country to get further information and seek an immigration attorney for immigration advice.

Housing: We are unable to assist visiting students in need of accommodation.

• We can not issue I-20 forms.

• We can not assist in obtaining a visa.

• We do not know which visas allow for flight training.

• We can not assist in making extensions to a current visa.

• We can not assist or advise in any way with regard to immigration law.

• International students are solely responsible for having the proper visa/legal status in the USA.

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