Beech 18 "Twin Beech"

San Diego Air Tours Coming Soon

Fly above San Diego in vintage style, experiencing the golden age of aviation. We are bringing back the romantic era of flying so that you can enjoy a unique tour of San Diego. Fewer than 200 Twin Beech aircraft remain flying in the U.S., and we are proud to bring this historic opportunity to our finest city.

Vintage Flights

Beginning in 2022

Go on an unforgettable first class experience.

We'll roll out the red carpet and take you on a tour of San Diego.

A vintage aircraft ride like no other.

$200 per person

(4 minimum, 6 maximum)

Saturdays 1 pm

(reservations required)

Photo Shoots

Take memorable photos for special occasions, engagements, weddings, promotional materials, and other milestones in life.

Film & Media

Need a vintage aircraft with experienced pilots for your next movie? Get photos or video for promotional materials? Have something else in mind?


Thinking of buying a Beech 18? Want a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to log Twin Beech time in your logbook? Or just want to pilot a vintage aircraft?

$900 per hour + 

$75 per hour instructor

Also available for airshow static displays, fly-bys, and formation flights.